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KURT (left) and JASON

Multiplex is about a low-brow movie buff Kurt and a high-brow film snob Jason, who wage a never-ending battle against the terrible movies and even worse customers infesting their movie theater, the Multiplex 10 Cinemas. It ran from July 2005 through April 2017, during which the characters aged and grew up (slightly) in real time and the movie theater industry experienced its most significant change since the adoption of sound film: the coming of digital cinema.

Part workplace comedy and part movie commentary, Multiplex has been described as “Clerks in a movie theater” (Newsarama), with a “smart and human take on geek culture [that] is brutal, nuanced, and damn funny” (Gene Ha, Top Ten, Mae). Because much of the humor in Multiplex is character-based and there is an overaching story, it’s best to start from the beginning. There are a few ways to do that:

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