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#1050: Good and Bad at the Same Time

August 18, 2015

Notes from the Manager

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Well, hey, surprise. I started working on the wrong comic and kept going, so instead of a movie review strip today (Tuesday), here's a second regular update. See you later this week…

I suppose part of this theory of Schrodinger's Cuts of movies (unreleased, possibly non-existent alternate versions of movies) is that the lost cut is always better than the studio cut "inside the box"—until they're actually released and people watch them: I Am Legend's alternate ending or the Bad Santa director's cut, for instance.

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Come meet me at Wizard World Philadelphia (June 2–4 only)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hello! If you’re in the area, come meet me at Wizard World Philadelphia with Phil Kahn of Guilded Age. We’ll be at Booth 1702. NOTE: I will only be there from June 2–4. No Thursday preview for me.

(Here’s a floor plan for your planning pleasure.)

If you use the coupon code GUILDED, you can get 20% off your advanced ticket orders.

I will have copies of the brand-spankin’-new, not-even-officially-released Multiplex: The Revenge (Book Three) in tow, draw sketches (for monies), and if my iPad has any juice in it, I’ll show you some behind the scenes stuff from the Multiplex 10 short, too.

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